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Is a loan right for you?
We believe that in the right circumstances and for the right customer, a loan is a very good way of bridging a financial gap, re-financing or making a dream purchase. However, a loan may not always be the best solution for everyone. Personal Loans are ideal for people that have a verifiable income and a good credit rating.

Implications of Non Payment.
If you are not able to pay the loan repayments on time, each lender has their own policies with regards to fees and interest and how outstanding debts are collected. Some lenders could pursue you by legal means in the event of non repayment. Non payment could also result in charges and/or raised interest and may affect your credit score. Before accepting your loan with the lender please ensure that you have read the charges section on the lenders website/contract before accepting and finalising your loan.

Late Repayments.

If you do accept the loan offered to you via our service and feel that you will be unable to make the agreed repayment on the specified date, it is essential for you to contact the lender directly in advance. The lender could offer you too extend or renew your loan. However, please be aware that lenders could issue a charge for late payments. The amount charged will differ depending on the lender so please ensure that you have read the terms and conditions before accepting you agree and entering into any loan agreement. Late repayments will also have a negative impact on your credit file.

What is The Money Advice service?
The Money Advice Service has been set up by the government to help people who want to improve how they manage their finances. Before applying for a loan, you can visit: www.themoneyadviceservice.org.uk to browse the advice on their website and make sure that a loan is the best solution for you.